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Not only do we create fantastic homes for people but we also offer different investment strategies for you to maximise your hard earned money. All strategies are carefully considered based on your needs and designed to deal with market fluctuations, meaning no unnecessary risks are taken and you can sit back and relax while your money does all the hard work for you. Whichever strategy you choose, your money will be treated with the same respect as if it was our own. 

How We Operate

Income Through Property Group make property investment exciting. Energetic, innovative, creative and inspirational, we are passionate about property and our knowledge and previous experience will ensure you maximise your investment. Right from the start we will work hard to understand your needs, treating you, and your money, with total respect and welcoming you into the ITP Group, building a long and successful future together.

Types of Projects

We operate in areas of the UK where we identify the demand for homes working on a mix of conversions and land developments and Houses of Multiple Occupants (HMO)


Income Through Property Loans

This strategy will give you a guaranteed percentage return on your capital with a minimum time commitment of only one year. Designed to make your money work hard for you and producing excellent results year in year out, this is by far the most common and flexible strategy for you as an investor if you want to see quick results without a long term commitment. With interest rates low, the average ISA showing only 1.02%, inflation where it is and the stock market high and very risky, more and more investors are looking for something different and this is a very popular choice. Contact us today to find out more.

Income Through Property Developments

This option focuses on flips (purchase, refurb, resell), commercial conversions into multiple units and land development with a pre-determined exit of under two years. It generally generates larger portions of capital and helps to give your property portfolio a cash injection. This strategy is more popular with high net-worth individuals, business angels and company directors looking for great returns on their investment. These tend to be large, exciting projects requiring a higher level of investment capital but resulting in a large percentage return- so if you’re looking for a little excitement and the potential for a sizeable profit, this is a great choice. Contact us now to take advantage of this great opportunity.

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